Sharky’s Pizza Shack has a new look.

Last Updated 6/21/16

Our locally owned pizzeria at 2201 W. Lincoln Ave. in Yakima was recently remodeled and now sports a snazzy, redone interior.

“We kept the parts we liked,“ says Manager Jason Waywell, “ and changed the parts we didn’t.”

“We redid all of the flooring,” he said. “The old stuff was pretty bad, especially the linoleum in the game room. The dining room carpet was only a few years old but it was not commercial grade and was already showing a lot of wear and tear so we replaced it with a beautiful high-quality vinyl.”

Keeping with the restaurant’s shark and beach theme, the floor is divided into three sections: blue vinyl in the dining room, rustic wood planking in the entryway and party room and tan vinyl in the game room. The combination creates the feel of a boardwalk separating the beach from the ocean.


“We also repainted some of the rooms, added a counter and bar stools in the game room and touched up things here and there. It looks great. It’s almost like a new place.”

The new entry features a bright carpet emblazoned with the Sharky’s Pizza Shack logo and a custom-built counter made from weather-beaten wood and featuring a laser-etched logo.

“The counter — which was designed and built by Daniel Flathers of Built By Daniel in Yakima — creates a dramatic impression when people walk through the door,” said the manager. “It provides the ‘wow factor’ we were looking for. No one else around here has anything like it.”
The restaurant’s party room also was redone. Read about that here.