Get this party started!

Our party room is free... The restaurant’s party room is now a M&Ms-themed venue with more than 200 pieces of M&Ms paraphernalia on display. It is regularly booked for club gatherings and business meetings as well.

Unlike almost every other restaurant in town, we do not charge a fee to use our party room. There is no deposit or minimum purchase required to book the room, but we ask that no outside food be brought in, except for things like birthday cake, and that the room be treated with respect — no holes in the walls, etc.

Our party room holds 15 people, and the dining room can be set up to handle overflow for as many as 75 more. We have had gatherings with as many as 90 people. The entire restaurant can be booked and it can be opened on Monday for private parties as well.

Party in the most unique fun room in Yakima!